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Exploring Maya Ruins

Even though they are gone, the Ancient Maya, have left us spectacular temples and artifacts to be remembered by.
27 Mar

The Maya Ruins of Belize

If you haven’t visited a Maya Archaeological Site, then you are definitely missing out on one of humanities best kept secrets. Even though they are gone, the Ancient Maya, have left us spectacular temples and artifacts to be remembered by. These archaeological sites can be find across Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and of course, Belize.DXfccs9Nd9123423fgUAADs= The Maya Ruins of Belize
Who are the Maya? The Maya are a race of people to first inhabit area that encompasses south-eastern Mexico, all of Guatemala and Belize, and the western portions of Honduras and El Salvador. While Maya race still exist in modern society, the true essence of the culture ended with the fall of the great Maya civilization upon the colonization of western hemisphere by Europeans.CMIQinCEJCyhCU+IwhSqcIUsbKELXwjDGMpwhjSsoQ1viMMc6nCHPOyhD38IxCAKcYhELKIRj4jEJCpxiUxsohOfCMUoSnGKVKyiDxWviMUsanGLXOyiF4tQAAA7 The Maya Ruins of Belize
Nonetheless, the Ancient Maya left us quite a legacy. Here in Belize, the Maya play a big role in our culture and history. In fact, Belize is a treasure trove of ancient Maya town and cities, with only a few uncovered.DHHEEk9MccUWX4xxxqcWAAA7 The Maya Ruins of Belize
The Maya were best known for their elaborate and highly decorated ceremonial architecture, including temple-pyramids, palaces and observatories. These temples still stand strong within the jungles of Belize just waiting to be explored.CMIQinCEJCyhCU+IwhSqcIUsbKELXwjDGMpwhjSsoQ1viMMc6nCHPOyhD38IxCAKcYhELKIRj4jEJCpxiUxsohOfCMUoSnGKVKyiIBWviMUsanGLXOyiF78IxjCKcYxkLKMZz4jGNKrxBwUAADs= The Maya Ruins of Belize
Lucky for you, many of these ancient cities are open to visitors who can only imagine the life Mayas used to carry out in these grate cities. From climbing up to the top of the temples to exploring hidden chambers, it’s an experience of a life time.AAApwgAQsoAEPiMAEKnCBDGygAx8IwQhKcIIUrKAFL4jBDGpwgxzETAEAADs= The Maya Ruins of Belize
Some of the most notable Maya Archaeological sites in Belize include Santa Rita and Cerros in the Corozal District, Lamanai in the Orange Walk District, Altun Ha in the Belize District, Cahal Pech, Xunantunich and Caracol in the Cayo District, Ni Li Punit and Lubaantun in the Toledo District. Ambergris Caye also has an archaeological site, Marco Gonzalez, even though it’s not as elaborate as the sites located in the mainland.CMIQinCEJCyhCU+IwhSqcIUsbKELXwjDGMpwhjSsoQ1viMMc6nCHPOyhD38IxCAKcYhELKIRj4jEJCpxiUxsohOfCMUoSnGK4CgAADs= The Maya Ruins of Belize
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