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Going to the Beach!

Lucky for you, Belize has some pretty gorgeous beach!
23 Mar

A beach day in Belize

Nothing beats a hot day like a day at the beach. Whether you find yourself in Caye Caulker, Placencia, Hopkins or San Pedro, you are mostly going to spend your time relaxing near the Caribbean Sea. Lucky for you, Belize has some pretty gorgeous beach!DXfccs9Nd91234133nrvzXfffv8NeOCCD0544YYfjnjiittaAAA7 A beach day in Belize
While most resorts, hotels and inns are located right along the coast, beaches in Belize are public so you don’t have to worry about trespassing. Belize operates under the Queen’s Land ordinance meaning that National Land includes the seabed and the 66 feet reserve, which may include riparian forests, beaches, littoral forests and shoals.CMIQinCEJCyhCU+IwhSqcIUsbKELXwjDGMpwhjSsoQ1viMMc6nCHPOyhD7tUAAA7 A beach day in Belize
In San Pedro and Caye Caulker you are most likely to find white sand beaches or coral beaches, while southern location of Placencia and Hopkins have more brown sand beaches. But one this that is the seam is the clear blue waters just of the shore.wjIQApykIQspCEPiUi9FAAAOw== A beach day in Belize
If you are going to the beach, be sure to take a towel and sunscreen. With temperatures averaging in the 80 °F year round, you can easily catch a sunburn.vFgAAOw== A beach day in Belize
Of course, what you choose to do at the beach is up to your; be it going for a swimming, enjoying some cocktails with friends or simply reading a book and letting the hours go by.CcpQinKUpCylKU+JylSqcpWsbKUrXwnLWMpylrSspS1vaaUCAAA7 A beach day in Belize
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