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One of the top activities to do while in Belize!
14 Mar

Best spots to snorkel while in Belize!

Time to strap on that snorkeling gear and put on those fins! We are going snorkeling in Belize! Not sure why, but the sea seems to always call our names lulling us to explore its depths. Lucky for us, Belize has waters unimaginable to many and we sure do take advantage of it!McssuvwxzzDLPTPOEBQAAOw== Best spots to snorkel while in Belize!
With the second largest barrier reef in the world just off our coasts, there is amazing snorkeling to be done. Vacationers looking for the underwater adventure flock Belize year round to get a dose of the Caribbean Sea. With destinations like Ambergris Caye, Caulker Calker, Placencia Peninsula and Hopkins Village offering easy access to some of the top snorkeling sites in Belize, there is no shortage of fun!DHTQQg9NdNFGH+1KAQA7 Best spots to snorkel while in Belize!
Among the top snorkeling destinations is Hol Chan Marine Reserve which is located a mere fifteen minutes from Ambergris Caye. The snorkeling here is top notch and offers visitors abundance or marine life from corals to rays and even a couple sea turtles! Snorkeling at Hol Chan is a most do while in Belize.CMIQinCEJCyhCU+IwhSqcIUsbKELXwjDGMpwhjSsoQ1viMMc6nCHPOyhD38IxCAKcYhELKIRj4jEJCpxiUxsohOfCMUoSnGKVKyiHhWviMUsanGLXOyiF78IxjCKcYxkLKMZz4jGNJajAAA7 Best spots to snorkel while in Belize!
But my tops spot has to South Water Caye. Just east of Dangriga Town, South Water Caye is a pristine underrated snorkeling destination right on the Barrier Reef. Home to sea grass beds, reef patches and sand bores and mangrove habitats, there is no shortage of wildlife for your viewing pleasure.DHTQQg9NdNFGH4100kovzXTTTjdcAAA7 Best spots to snorkel while in Belize!
For those looking for the more “off the beaten path” location, Turneffe, Light House Reef and Glovers Reef Atoll is the snorkeling destinations for you. These areas are among the most beautiful snorkeling sites in the Caribbean. The atolls are surrounded by deep open waters with a diverse coral composition and marine life. Snorkeling at any of these destinations would be one for the book!CMIQinCEJCyhCU+IwhSqcIUsbKELXwjDGMpwhjSsoQ1viMMc6nCHPOyhD38IxCAKcYhELKIRj4jEJCpxiUxsohOfCMUoSnGKVKyiIBWviMUsanGLXOyiF78IxjCKcYxkLKMZz4jGNKrxfwUAADs= Best spots to snorkel while in Belize!
With all the different snorkeling location across the country, it’s hard to pick just one. Guess we just have to make a bucket list out of it!

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