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Welcome to Belize!

Belize is a unique country located in the heart of Central America
13 Mar

Welcome to Belize!

There is nothing better than a vacation to the Caribbean. Sun, sand and azure waters as far as the eyes can see. With several Caribbean destination to choose from, Belize is among the most unique. Not only does it offer that perfect beach setting, but with lush forests, mountains and waterfalls of all heights, Belize has something for everyone!CEL3FQAAOw== Welcome to Belize!

The heart of Central America, little Belize is a hot spot for not only eco-tourism but luxury vacations and plenty of adventure. So what are you looking for on your next trip?CMIQinCEJCyhCU+IwhSqcIUsbKELXwjDGMpwhjSsoQ1viMMc6nCHPOyhD38IxCAKcYhELKIRj4jEJCpxiUxsohOfCMUoSnGKVKyiCBWviMUs9qwAADs= Welcome to Belize!

A day at the beach? Boasting the second largest barrier reef in the world, Belize has pristine sand beaches along its coast and several islands to choose from. Let’s not forget to mention the amazing snorkeling and diving offered within the Belize Barrier Reef System. The islands of Ambegris Caye and Caye Caulker are internationally acclaimed as some of the top island vacation destination. With rich marine life and untouched ecosystems, you are sure to get that beach day you long for.CMIQinCEJCyhCU+IwhSqcIUsbKELXwjDGMpwhjSsoQ1viMMc6nCHPOyhD38IxCAKcYhELKIRj4jEJCpxiUxsohOfCMUoJqEAADs= Welcome to Belize!

Hiking through jungles and mountains? Approximately 79% of Belize is covered by forests, making Belize a truly green paradise. Be it climbing mountains at the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve or chasing waterfalls across Cayo and Stann Creek District, a forest adventure awaits you. And the animals you will get to see; from tiny crawling critters to apex predators! Belize is your destination for the fun family jungle vacation.CMIQinCEJCyhCU+IwhSqcIUsbKELXwjDGMpwhjSsoQ1viMMc6nCHPOyhD38IxCAKcYhELKIRj4jEJCpxiUxsohOfCMUoSnGKVKyiHhWviMUsanGLXOyiF78IxjCKcYxkLKMZz4jGNJajAAA7 Welcome to Belize!

But there is more to Belize than just the Caribbean Sea and lush jungles; there is also plenty of history to be learned. A trip to an ancient Maya Archaeological Site will open a whole new world! And if you just want to take it easy and hang with the locals, Belize’s culture is among the warmest and friendliest in the world. You are sure to leave with a new friend and a conviction to return!

What are you waiting for? You Belize vacation is not going to plan itself!

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